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Complete Traffic is England’s largest provider of crowd-sourced travel information, we use a number of credible sources to bring a tailored service to our customers – both public and corporate. Our aim to is to people moving, making travel news accessible to all. Wherever and whenever its needed most.

Our History:
‘Complete’ began in a small corner of north warwickshire, providing travel information alerts for a small number of driving professionals. This small and tight-knit team mostly consisted of long-distance lorry drivers and driving instructors. In September 2011, the services’ founder Adam Court took the service to twitter and Facebook. A modest stream of followers’ quickly began to flow.

The service initially provided coverage of the infamous ‘Birmingham box’ – the vast network of major roads and motorways which surround Britain’s second city. By January 2012, Adam had extended the catchment area to the south of England, reaching out to London and Cornwall.

By the summer of 2012, the entire length and breadth of England was within the groups sights, with twitter and Facebook follower-count climbing sharply. In Mid-2013, Adam partnered with social media-based news organisation Police Hour – who agreed to stream Completes traffic alerts through their smartphone applications. This partnership was a huge success, and is still going strong – with many exciting joint projects on the horizon.

And that brings us to now…
Our Purpose & services:

Complete Traffic are the UK’s leading provider in crowd-sourced travel information. We aim to provide detailed and timely traffic and travel bulletins when you need it most. We offer a ‘free signup’ package, where you can create your own account and earn badges and rewards for contribution and support.

We’ll soon be offering tailored packages for corporate clients, for more information on this or any other of the services we provide – please visit the contact us section.

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